10 Reasons to consider cardboard boxes for moving home

Relocation invariably means plenty of hard labour though professional moving services can minimise your travails.
Cardboard boxes play a vital role in nearly every move because of the high degree of convenience and flexibility this packing medium offers. Cardboard boxes come in different dimensions, and for particular applications, you can even have cardboard sheets that can be wrapped around and then strapped to take the shape of a box. Segregate all your belongings in advance, and a professional removalist can immediately determine the size and type of cardboard packing boxes required for your move. Some of the particular advantages associated with cardboard boxes in moving are:-

1. Highly flexible and safe

cheap moving boxes by tradesmenUnlike wood or metal containers, cardboard packing boxes are highly flexible and therefore it is a more secure medium to hold different items securely inside the box when tightly strapped around. Another advantage is that you can have smaller boxes to pack up various items of the household rather than dump too many things into a larger container. Cardboard boxes are also light in weight and therefore do not add to the burden of the contents.

2. Fluted construction offers protection

Cardboard boxes are often made from recycled material by sandwiching multiple pieces of the cardboard placed one over the other to provide the cushioning effect. In a few offerings, you will likewise discover fluted interpose which implies there is more air in the middle of the layers. In turn, this provides a cushioning effect to the contents of the box.

3. Affordable

Cardboard boxes are significantly affordable compared to other mediums of packing available. For people who experience regular or frequent moves, these cartons can be stored away after one move and conveniently reused for the next move.

4. Easy to seal

corrugated boxes sealing by tapeSealing cardboard boxes are pretty easy. Depending on various factors you can choose several types of sealing. Regular tapes or gum will attach securely to the surface of cardboard boxes. Metal staples is another way to hold the flaps securely together, and they are pretty thick so that they don’t tear off easily even if the package accidentally drops.

5. Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are similar to the fluted type and afford a similar level of protection and integrity, In fact, it is safe to assume that both corrugated and fluted cardboard boxes are similar with just a variation in their nomenclature. Regarding performance and application, they are similar too.

6. Keep safe from water and other sources of moisture

Cardboard boxes are not water or moisture resistant. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the boxes do not come into contact with water or other moist surfaces. But, one way you can still use cardboard boxes in your moving is to wrap plastic sheets around the cardboard boxes and strap them securely. This way, you will have all the advantages of cardboard box packing and yet stay safe from problems associated with water and moisture.

7. Reinforce with tapes

When you pack heavier items in cardboard boxes, you can strengthen the packing by securing the boxes with metal/plastic tapes. As mentioned earlier, plastic sheets can also be wrapped around the box before applying the strapping. By increasing the number of straps around the box, you can quickly add significant strength and mobility to the carton with some negligible expenditure.

8.Ease of handling

cardboard boxes for giftsBecause cardboard box packing is inexpensive, you can conveniently plan some small packages rather than choosing larger packages. Remember that heavier bags are difficult to handle, and if you have to move things up several stairs, you may face more problems. Smaller packages can be easily accommodated in lifts and even convenient to go manually.

9. Environment friendly

storage boxes easily recycledCardboard boxes are wholly environment-friendly. Once the boxes have lived out their life cycle they can be completely burnt down, recycled or they can decompose in a waste pit. Therefore by using cardboard boxes in your move, you are also helping the nature by reducing or avoiding the use of plastic.

10. Quick to process

With appropriate planning, you can get different sizes of cardboard boxes. After the items requiring to be moved properly segregated, the whole process of packing them up can be achieved quickly because the scale of the package is predetermined.

How to help your career leapfrog with project management

Most Engineers or chemists, whether in government, industry, academia or other settings, have been involved with one research project or the other across their career span. But, who started the project, who assumes responsibility for the outcome and who leads the project? In the past, project management lacked a well-designed framework and the specific project management course has now evolved to fill the void.

project management course

Comprehensive knowledge in multiple disciplines

Although we do have advisors for project management in the academic or even a distinct discipline in the industries to manage projects, project managers often came to that position by default, rather than by intent. The modern day project management courses seek to impart comprehensive knowledge in multiple disciplines of a project. Thus, irrespective of whether an individual has core competencies in information technology, engineering, medicine, or other streams of learning, completing a project management course will make him/her a well-rounded person capable of adequately addressing the diverse and complex needs of a project from start to finish.


Transferable skills

A core advantage of project management courses is that you gain transferable skills when you get your feet deep into project management. Thus, if you start off as a project manager with a background in chemistry, for instance, in the later years of your career, you can transition into rolls like Medicinal chemist or Principal Scientist in the lucrative drug industry.


Transferability of skills is essential because, as businesses evolve, there will be changes happening to product mix, marketing approaches, the introduction of new lines of business and more. In the process of such evolutions, it is customary that some divisions and departments are closed to make room for new divisions/departments to match the needs of the hour and further business interests.

Let us now briefly understand the general definition of a project

A project is defined as ‘temporary endeavour’ to fulfil a unique service or create a distinct product or perhaps a result. Notice that ‘temporary’ is the keyword for most projects. Projects have an end or handoff of some sort. Projects are different from operations while they represent the ongoing efforts of organisations for sustaining the core business. Projects can evolve within companies, with clear objectives, particular time frame, and expectations.


You will notice that this definition is indeed broad. Therefore, a project can relate to a business function or even within your home. For instance, painting your house is a project. To apply project management techniques or not, is essentially up to the individual or the organisation. The advantage of project management tools is that it gives you a framework to plan and analyse the lifecycle of a project. Project management logically divides multiple components of a project into smaller bits that can be managed easily and these pieces refer as processes. In other words, project management lays out the menu, and it is for the project manager to determine what to pick from the list to accomplish the overall objective.

Main project with arteries

A project can have some related projects from the main project. For instance, a massive construction project will have multiple project streams to address human capital, finance, and compliance with regulatory affairs, customer interaction, procurement, inventory control, service providers, quality control and so forth. Each stream will be headed by a person competent to handle that part of the job but reports to the project manager or project chief who holds the ship together and is responsible for the final deliverables from the project.

The growth trajectory in project management

At the start of your career, you may not be a project manager. But, once you have acquired the theoretical knowledge of project management, it helps you appreciate the complexities involved in managing a project and therefore contribute more constructively to the task. With consistent performance in multiple tasks, you can expect to get noticed soon and move up the ladder.


Role of effective communication

Effective communication has a great role in project management, and in fact, if you ask any senior project manager, he/she would admit without hesitation that the lion’s share of the time is spent in communication. Communication should be not only effective but also consistent so that the project wheel keeps turning without glitches. Even one weak link in the transmission chain can jeopardise the entire project.

Technology has made project management simple

If we compare project management some two decades ago, with what is available today, our elders would agree that technology has made much of the task simple and straightforward. Thanks to the digital world, today, the entire project flow can be accessed by any authorised person from any part of the world. This was not so, two decades ago. By deploying or creating the right type of software, the project manager can determine accessibility of the whole project or parts of it to select individuals or groups. Simultaneously project owners or CEOs can view the entire project flow, insert comments or initiate discussions without being physically present anywhere near the project.

Importance of human capital

Today, we are in a world where human capital has moved to the centre state of business. Irrespective of whether you pursue a career in information technology, drug research, engineering or finance, you are expected to possess comprehensive business knowledge. A project management course will help you gain this excellent business experience to catapult your career path.

It is important however that you identify the right type of project management courses and the institution that is offering the classes. After the initial research, try to establish connections with the alumni. This way, you can hope to gain more in-depth knowledge about the institution, courses and people behind them. Later when you finally decide to pursue a project management course, this network with the alumni will be significantly helpful to you in spring boarding your career.