How to help your career leapfrog with project management

Most Engineers or chemists, whether in government, industry, academia or other settings, have been involved with one research project or the other across their career span. But, who started the project, who assumes responsibility for the outcome and who leads the project? In the past, project management lacked a well-designed framework and the specific project management course has now evolved to fill the void.

project management course

Comprehensive knowledge in multiple disciplines

Although we do have advisors for project management in the academic or even a distinct discipline in the industries to manage projects, project managers often came to that position by default, rather than by intent. The modern day project management courses seek to impart comprehensive knowledge in multiple disciplines of a project. Thus, irrespective of whether an individual has core competencies in information technology, engineering, medicine, or other streams of learning, completing a project management course will make him/her a well-rounded person capable of adequately addressing the diverse and complex needs of a project from start to finish.


Transferable skills

A core advantage of project management courses is that you gain transferable skills when you get your feet deep into project management. Thus, if you start off as a project manager with a background in chemistry, for instance, in the later years of your career, you can transition into rolls like Medicinal chemist or Principal Scientist in the lucrative drug industry.


Transferability of skills is essential because, as businesses evolve, there will be changes happening to product mix, marketing approaches, the introduction of new lines of business and more. In the process of such evolutions, it is customary that some divisions and departments are closed to make room for new divisions/departments to match the needs of the hour and further business interests.

Let us now briefly understand the general definition of a project

A project is defined as ‘temporary endeavour’ to fulfil a unique service or create a distinct product or perhaps a result. Notice that ‘temporary’ is the keyword for most projects. Projects have an end or handoff of some sort. Projects are different from operations while they represent the ongoing efforts of organisations for sustaining the core business. Projects can evolve within companies, with clear objectives, particular time frame, and expectations.


You will notice that this definition is indeed broad. Therefore, a project can relate to a business function or even within your home. For instance, painting your house is a project. To apply project management techniques or not, is essentially up to the individual or the organisation. The advantage of project management tools is that it gives you a framework to plan and analyse the lifecycle of a project. Project management logically divides multiple components of a project into smaller bits that can be managed easily and these pieces refer as processes. In other words, project management lays out the menu, and it is for the project manager to determine what to pick from the list to accomplish the overall objective.

Main project with arteries

A project can have some related projects from the main project. For instance, a massive construction project will have multiple project streams to address human capital, finance, and compliance with regulatory affairs, customer interaction, procurement, inventory control, service providers, quality control and so forth. Each stream will be headed by a person competent to handle that part of the job but reports to the project manager or project chief who holds the ship together and is responsible for the final deliverables from the project.

The growth trajectory in project management

At the start of your career, you may not be a project manager. But, once you have acquired the theoretical knowledge of project management, it helps you appreciate the complexities involved in managing a project and therefore contribute more constructively to the task. With consistent performance in multiple tasks, you can expect to get noticed soon and move up the ladder.


Role of effective communication

Effective communication has a great role in project management, and in fact, if you ask any senior project manager, he/she would admit without hesitation that the lion’s share of the time is spent in communication. Communication should be not only effective but also consistent so that the project wheel keeps turning without glitches. Even one weak link in the transmission chain can jeopardise the entire project.

Technology has made project management simple

If we compare project management some two decades ago, with what is available today, our elders would agree that technology has made much of the task simple and straightforward. Thanks to the digital world, today, the entire project flow can be accessed by any authorised person from any part of the world. This was not so, two decades ago. By deploying or creating the right type of software, the project manager can determine accessibility of the whole project or parts of it to select individuals or groups. Simultaneously project owners or CEOs can view the entire project flow, insert comments or initiate discussions without being physically present anywhere near the project.

Importance of human capital

Today, we are in a world where human capital has moved to the centre state of business. Irrespective of whether you pursue a career in information technology, drug research, engineering or finance, you are expected to possess comprehensive business knowledge. A project management course will help you gain this excellent business experience to catapult your career path.

It is important however that you identify the right type of project management courses and the institution that is offering the classes. After the initial research, try to establish connections with the alumni. This way, you can hope to gain more in-depth knowledge about the institution, courses and people behind them. Later when you finally decide to pursue a project management course, this network with the alumni will be significantly helpful to you in spring boarding your career.

Garden Services: Definitely Worth The Money You Spent

Knowledge is power. You need to have a good know how to perform or rather realise great and encouraging results in gardening. You might have a light know how about your existent garden or a new garden, but that might not be enough. Maybe now or shortly you would need to get technical assistance from somebody who has a bigger share if the knowledge that you need. We call them professionals.

Maintain Me Gardening Services

On a light note, the Merriam-Webster dictionary indicates that professionalism entails the conduct, qualities or aims to characterise or mark a profession or professional person. A profession is a calling requiring specialised knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.

In gardening, you need a professional, like Maintain Me Gardening Services, to play a role in giving you the required knowledge in you gardening process. Picking on a professional would shed a beam of light on good performance and sustainability in future.

You would, in the long run, need to hire a professional in your garden when you are blank regarding knowledge. It would take you a step or two higher, as you will be learning from the professional or getting premium care in your garden. In some cases, you might be having a rough idea on how to take good care of your garden, but a professional would give a practical lesson on how to take a step forward in gardening. Below are some of the justifiers for having professional help:

Complementing your property.

You might have taken the best precautions, steps and procedures in ensuring that your garden looks the best. Involving a professional will bring about a diverse knowledge and ideas on how to make it even better, hence giving a complement to your garden.


Great space utilisation in your garden.

Sometimes you have a small garden area, but you still need to get the most out of it. Professional gardeners have the knowledge that you are missing. They would employ their skills in the little space and come up with the best plan for your garden thus leaving you some space for leisure activities and entertainment. Landscaping is best done by a well-educated and skilled person, who will maximise a given space to its best.

Have the best of best lawn that you wish for.

Seasonally, our gardens might be a rescue to excessive heat. During summer, staying indoors is way too hard and uncomfortable. Summer parties and luncheons would be more fun in a beautiful scenery. Attaining this without professional advice and guidance would be tricky. That is why you would end up needing a professional to help you in knowing what to plant at what time, how to do it and some fertilisers to use to get the best out of you garden.


Beautify the front of your home.

The first place every visitor would find him or herself is the front of your house. As the owner of the garden, you might have exhausted your ideas on how to beautify your garden. There is somebody, the professional, and he has not exhausted its great and informative ideas. He would appropriately give you the pinch of information that you are lacking and as a result, come up with a more beautiful home.

Things That You Need to Do to Give Your Garden a New Look

Lightly, gardening entails the process of growing and cultivating of plants. These plants may cause flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, all grown for a purpose which varies from one plant to the other. It may be for food, treatment, beauty depending on the gardener’s interest. Gardening takes a variety of dimensions; from simple fruit garden to mixed and extensive plantings containing various kinds of plantations from shrubs, herbaceous plants, and even trees. In simpler terms, it entails active involvement in growing of plantings, intensive labour care which brings in the contrast from farming and forestry.

There are quite some activities that you would like to undertake in your garden. In this article, we would focus on the various activities that you would get involved in when getting a new garden or look. It would tentatively relate to the other events that you may undertake in the backyard.



Exposure simply narrows down to sunlight. Various plants require a ranging amount of sunlight and relatively, time to perform. If for example, you are doing ornamental plants or flowers to be specific, you would be required to know the amount of exposure that they need and what exposure is in your intended garden. In this case, you are going to be required to study what amount of light your garden to be, receives during the day and spotting the shady and sunny areas

Identify the areas you want to plant

In every organised endeavour, you need a plan. A program gives you a picture of what you will be expecting after you have executed the whole project or task. Similarly, you are required to plan before you compose yourself to start the planting process. For example having a four by four-foot plot plan for vegetables is a great kick start. On the other hand, if you are planting flowers, you will decide where you dig up the beds.

Secure your surrounding

Our animals and pets might be obnoxious sometimes. Creating boundaries is essential when starting a garden. Most fundamentally, when planning to plant vegetables you need to build a fence to prevent rabbits and other domestic animals from having a taste of the awaited veggies.

Have a knowledge of your soil.

It is critical. You should know which type of soil your yard contains. This experience will help you know whether to enrich the ground or not. Informatively, even sand soil can be improved to become more productive. You need to know how much organic material you will require to make the ground more fertile. A professional gardener would be of help.

Get in touch with your extension service.

This knowledge is essential for productivity and sustainability. You need to have a glimpse of knowledge on which kinds of plants will productively grow in your part of the country. Also, you need to know the ideal time to grow and when to harvest.

Know your preferences

If you need to start a vegetable based garden, have your preferences in place. Everybody would like to grow their best kind of plants. When starting up a garden, it is important to note what you like and buys most of the time. It would cut on cost as well. The same implies to flowers.

Plan yourself about seasons

After you have had your preferences in place, and you as well have in mind what you will grow and the other vital points to have in mind you will need to have a time plan according to seasonal variance. If for example, your flowers die off during month A then you need to have other evergreen plants to back up the beauty in your garden.

Similarly, if your chosen vegetables take so long to mature up, you need a substitute to cover up space as the vegetables manoeuvre their way up; hence you maintain a beauty consistency in your garden. A professional can give the best way to organise yourself.

Shop and buy necessary tools for your garden.

Without this, you will not move on. You will have just built castles in the air. Using professional advice, you will need to buy some essential tools, such as, soaking hose, hand weeder, a hoe, a garden fork, a spade and not to forget even a basket for soil or mulch.

How to Improve website visibility through focused SEO

SEO techniques keep changing at regular intervals and sometimes even rapidly. Therefore, if you are not updating yourself regularly, you could be left behind while competition forges ahead. If your brand success is linked directly to the visibility of your website, boosting the profile on a regular basis is the key to sustaining your business and therefore, the revenue flow.

what is SEO

What is SEO trend right now? If you have noticed, Google, in particular, keeps changing its search algorithm at regular intervals and most often, half of what Google is doing may not even be known to the outside world. And, Google is not alone in this because for every search engine, the user experience is the focus and they will do anything to improve that. Therefore, understanding different SEO techniques and updating your content in tune with those changes is the only way to succeed. The following tips are designed to help you improve and sustain the visibility of your website.

1. Dump your old mindset on SEO

As we said in the opening, the purpose of a search engine is to provide viewers with the kind of content that they need. To adequately address this need, search engines will continuously tinker their algorithms and metrics affecting the way website are ranked in several search results. No one likes the black hat strategies, and if you have aligned with any of those backdoor mechanisms, it is perhaps time that you rethink. Providing high-quality, relevant content that users need is today the best way to keep the search engines happy.


2. Keep focus on the kind of content that users need

If you remember, the Hummingbird update from Google last year shifted focus to conversational or semantic search. These changes were caused by changing trends by users and moving into an era where the result pages showed what the users wanted and not what search engines thought they wanted.

In some sense, search engines gave up their old habits and adopted the trends set by the users. Should you not be falling in line then?


3. Keep your content brief and to the point

Tonnes of information flow through the digital world every single day. So much time drawn out content quickly drives the user away to other websites where they spend perhaps 1/4th the time to get what they want. That is precisely where the ‘back button’ becomes your nemesis. With brief and to the point content, you are improving your chances of a decent conversion rate.

4. Learn to promote your content and create the much-needed buzz

One way you can experience significant improvement in visibility is by creating a buzz around the content you have already published. In some sense, the very purpose of the social media is to promote your business by creating the buzz. Therefore, if you are not active on multiple social media sites, chances are you are missing the bus – by miles. Creating a buzz is also the way to engage with your target audience and enhance the credibility of your business. When you enhance the credibility of your brand this way, you can expect your cash box to keep ringing at more frequent intervals.

seo tips

5. Focus on linkable assets

Linkable assets are no out of the world stuff. It is merely content that others would like to share with their contacts voluntarily. The underlying character of linkable assets is that it has something of value like guides, educational information, how-to’s, etc. Even certain types of breaking news can fall into this category. Useful apps, tools and online videos also can be of great help as linkable assets.

6. Get authority sites to cite your brand

If influencers and authority sites relate your brand, it can significantly boost visibility and enhance engagement by nearly 33%. For this to happen, you will first need to build a relationship with such authority sites and individuals. Your content can cite authority sites, and in the case of individuals, you can think of an interview and then building an article around that interview.

7. Make your site mobile friendly

Today, most of the web experience is through handheld devices. If your website is not tuned into this reality, you are missing out on 80% of your target audience or perhaps even more. Your content being mobile friendly is not an option but an abject necessity.

8. Monitoring your brand mentions and links

Monitoring citations about brands, services, and products owned by you is an important SEO measure not only regarding visibility but also keeping track of bad links and managing your reputation online. However, manually doing this monitoring can be pretty tedious. Some very helpful tools can perform this task more efficiently and faster. Some of these tools are free while some others are to be bought for a price. Briefly, these tools include:-

Cognitive SEO

This is among top SEO tools that allow you to monitor all links to your site. You can use the tool for monitoring bad links and remove them or even disavow them when needed.

Social Mention

This is a free tool that monitors links and mentions of your brand across social platforms and providing you analysis that can be helpful in gaining more insight into your brand’s performance.

Google Alerts

This is another free tool that helps you to set up a quick monitoring system for brands owned by you and customise parameters and frequency you need for the purpose of follow-up.


This is a top application in managing social profiles and can be configured as a tool for monitoring because they are present across the spectrum of social media. This is free for a limited period and extendable through the paid version which also brings advanced features.

9. Keep updated on SEO news

As we mentioned earlier, SEO techniques and tools are never constant. Therefore, keeping yourself updated on all the related news on a daily basis will be very helpful.

10. Learning is a continuous process

Learning is an ongoing process and is more so, with SEO. When visibility of your importance, it is imperative that you keep your learning constant and methodical.